Saturday, January 17th — Roger That

January 18, 2009

Today I Learned…

…from my boss (via her “contacts” in the military) that the phrase “Roger that” is only actually ever said facetiously.  As in, “Participate in the Charge of the Light Brigade? Roger that.”

Can anyone with authority confirm or deny this?


One Response to “Saturday, January 17th — Roger That”

  1. Old Guy Says:

    Way back in the second half of the previous century, I wore an air force uniform, and frequently heard pilots say “Roger that” in all seriousness. Like “Bravo-2, north circle and line up for your strafing run.” “Roger that.”

    BTdubs, I heard this while working at a test range where pilots shot at a painted parachute hung between two telephone poles. Behind the parachute was a big mound o’ dirt, in which a microphone was buried. Microphone hooked up to gizmo that counted the thud of bullets into the dirt. ==> Accuracy rating.

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