Today I Learned…

…that apparently you can get arrested for trespassing in NYC in an Amtrak station for taking pictures of the trains while trying to win Amtrak’s annual photo contest.  Details of this ridiculous First Amendment violation are here, on what seems to be a great blog outlining such offenses.  This is ridiculous — give it a read.


Today I Learned…

…that the so-called “bailout” will be the most significan outlay in the history of the United States.  Adjusted for inflation, it will cost more than the Marshall Plan, Louisiana Purchase, the race to the moon, the savings and loan crisis of the ’80s and ’90s, the Korean War, the New Deal, the Iraq War, the Vietnam War, and the entire lifetime budget of NASA (EDIT: and possibly the entire cost of World War II).


EDIT: Check out this “new” (several-weeks old now) estimate from Bloomberg and the New York Daily News putting the total outlay at almost seven-and-a-half trillion dollars.