Today I Learned…

…that the phrases “sexual theoretics” and “don’t get female on me” are lines that I’ll be saying in the Actors’ Workshop Meisner Showcase this semester.  Straight outta the mouth of a fifteen-year-old Dawson (of Creek fame).  Awesome.

…I also learned that GEICO doesn’t consider your car in your driveway unable to move an “emergency” for the purposes of their emergency road service.  That’s okay, I just moved my car down the street, and they towed it from there.  That pothole took a big chunk out of the underside of the Tardis (named thus because it is blue, moves through time and space, and is bigger on the inside), and hopefully it is not in its last throes.  Send my beloved car some good mojo!


Today I Learned…

…that making flashcards for my acting class/upcoming possible appearance on Jeopardy! was actually kind of fun.

My two weakest common subject areas for Jeopardy are the Bible and classical composers.  So I made a bunch of flashcards from the American Bible Institute to study/use in my activity for class tomorrow.  Classical composers will come next.  I can truthfully say that this will be the only context in which my web browser points itself at the American Bible Institute website.

However, I feel like I’m missing some books and they didn’t have a complete collection of study guides.  I know I didn’t see Job, or Kings.  There might be a few books that they didn’t have for whatever reason.  Oh well, right now it isn’t pressing.