Today I Learned…

…that respected NFL referee Ed Hochuli will be given a lower grade and reprimanded for blowing an important call in Sunday’s Chargers-Broncos game.  I say GOOD, because he cost the Chargers (and me in my pool!) the game.

Less than a minute left, Chargers lead by 7.  Broncos have the ball on SD’s 10-yard line.  Denver quarterback Jay Cutler drops back to pass, and loses the football as he begins to bring his arm up to throw.  The ball bounces on the ground and is recovered by the Chargers.  San Diego apparently has sealed the game.  However, the play is ruled as an incomplete pass on the field.  Since it’s within 2 minutes of the end of the game, the replay booth initiates a review of the call.  It is clear by every angle that Cutler’s arm was not moving forward when the ball came out — which it would have needed to be to be ruled an incomplete pass.  Hochuli comes out, and changes the ruling to a fumble.  HOWEVER — he says that since the ball was whistled dead when it hit the ground (as the ruling on the field was incomplete pass), the play was dead and that the Broncos kept possession of the ball.  They go on to score a touchdown, make a two-point conversion, and win the game, taking a two-game lead over the Chargers in the AFC West.

This is a ludicrous ruling, and if I had more riding on it than just a single game in a pool, I’d be pretty livid.  Chargers fans must be up in arms, and I wouldn’t be surprised if San Diego lodged a formal complaint or protest about the game.


Today I Learned…

…that the Patriots are going to be without Tom Brady this year after a knee injury (That sound you hear? A combination of screams from Boston and those with the 6th overall pick in fantasy leagues this year and cheers from Bills and Jets fans).

…that those AFC SB contenders you liked besides NE?  Yeah, rough starts (Colts lose to Bears, Jags lose to Titans, Chargers lose to Panthers).

…that Michael Turner is for reals and deserves that starting job in Atlanta  (22 carries, 220 yds, 2 TDs).

…that we’re now looking at an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl! (Yeah right.  Although both the Steelers and Eagles looked damn good.)

…that the Browns (who got killed by the f’ing Cowboys) are going to have a tough time repeating their fantastic season from a year ago.

…that Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick still got it.

…that I might just be jinxed in my most important fantasy league.