Today I Learned…

…that I’m halfway decent at Rock Band, to the point where I won’t embarrass myself on any of the instruments.  Depending on the song, I can sing up to hard, I can definitely guitar up to hard (didn’t want to  try expert without knowing the songs first), and I can passably drum up to medium (didn’t try hard).  Lots of fun, and thanks to work friends Joe and Crystal for their hospitality for hosting the work barbecue tonight.


Today I Learned

…(well, yesterday… fell asleep last night w/o updating) what sorts of things would go in the “closing email” at work.  I work in a coffee shop in a well-known chain bookstore, and whenever we close, the service manager will ask if there’s anything anyone would want to put in the closing email to the general manager.  I’ve always wondered what sorts of things we in the cafe would add to said email.

Apparently we would say things like, “we broke a pair of the plastic tongs and can’t find any more, so we need to order some.”