Today I Learned…

…that when you’re breaking into a house, you should always make sure none of the windows are unlocked before you break one.

I had to break into my mom’s house today — she moved out of state last year and has been trying to sell the house ever since (good luck with that, right?).  The last tenant was a bit of a dick, and boarded up the front door so no one could get in.  So therefore, when my mom needed me to take stock of what was still in the house, it necessitated breaking in.  So me and my friend Alex drove up there with a ladder and proceeded to get in through a window on the master bedroom.  We ended up needing to break it.  However, it turns out that one of the windows into the other bedroom was unlocked and we could have just opened it from the inside.  Also — the asshole who was there beforehand had just boarded up /the glass/ on the front door, so if we had access to a key to that door, we would have been able to waltz right in.  From the outside it looked like the wood was covering the whole door, but that wasn’t the case.


Today I Learned…

…that apparently only two women have won sexual harassment cases in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, and judges like this one ( are probably a good part of the reason why.

A female advertising executive from St. Petersburg recently sued her employer for sexual harassment and lost — the “judge” “ruled” that sexual advances in the workplace were necessary for the continuation of the human race.  “If we had no sexual harassment, we would have no children,” said the “jurist”.

One hundred percent of those women polled in a recent Russian survey reported that they had been sexually harassed by their superiors at work, 32 percent said that they had intercourse with their boss, and 7 percent reported rape.