Today I Learned…

…that my Samsung-made Verizon-branded phone can survive approximately 5 hours lying half buried in slush in a parking lot in 20-degree weather and survive no worse for wear after a night of drying.

I dropped said phone in said parking lot after my acting class showcase last night at around 10pm and was unable to retrieve it until almost 3am.  The showcase went swimmingly, the cast party was…. interesting.

Tonight I hope to learn just how proud I am of my protégé at Vassar as I see her production of As You Like It, playfully subtitled “Don’t Tell Daddy.”  Off to Poughkeepsie!


Today I Learned…

…that the phrases “sexual theoretics” and “don’t get female on me” are lines that I’ll be saying in the Actors’ Workshop Meisner Showcase this semester.  Straight outta the mouth of a fifteen-year-old Dawson (of Creek fame).  Awesome.

…I also learned that GEICO doesn’t consider your car in your driveway unable to move an “emergency” for the purposes of their emergency road service.  That’s okay, I just moved my car down the street, and they towed it from there.  That pothole took a big chunk out of the underside of the Tardis (named thus because it is blue, moves through time and space, and is bigger on the inside), and hopefully it is not in its last throes.  Send my beloved car some good mojo!

Today I Learned…

…who’s going to win the Oscar next year for Best Supporting Actor.  The late Mr. Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight as The Joker, one of the most iconic villians in pop culture, was so revolutionary, so inspired, so… terrifying, that he’d be a shoe-in for a nomination — with a decent chance to win, despite being in a so-called “summer blockbuster” — any year.  Combine that with his untimely and tragic death earlier this year, and I’m already one-for-one in my Academy Awards pool.

Seriously, if you’re a fan of movies – of comic books – of Batman – of Mr. Ledger – of the craft of acting – go see this movie as quickly as you can.  My only beef with it is that it’s about half an hour too long — the bits in Hong Kong weren’t entirely necessary from my point of view.  However, that is a minor complaint against what is by all other accounts a staggering film.

EDIT: Also, Aaron Eckhardt and Denis Leary could be twins.