Today I Learned…

…that there’s a new beta version out of the StumbleUpon toolbar for Firefox.  (If you’re not familiar with StumbleUpon click here, you poor fool.)  It includes the nice feature of a “thumbs down” menu, which gives you finer grained control over marking sites that you don’t like.  You can choose “not for me,” which is the closest to the old straight thumbs down.  You can choose “stumbled this before,” which I really like, for sites that you’ve seen multiple times.  And you can choose “too much like this lately,” for fewer lolcats at this particular moment.  That kind of thing.

And hey, there’s always the thumbs up button!  I always appreciate a good thumbs up if you like what I’m doing here at learndaily.



Today I Learned…

…or perhaps more aptly, I began to learn how to become a (semi-) professional blogger.  More updates as events warrent — as it stands, I purchased ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income and began to read it.  I have not gotten very far, but I’m encouraged so far.  I’ve started coming up with new blog ideas; niches to branch out into, that kind of thing.  Who knows whether this will ever come to fruition, but at least I have a goal.