Friday, January 23rd — Totaled

January 24, 2009

Today I Learned…

…how to total my car.  It’s very easy, actually.  Just have the car two cars in front of you stop at a green light because they missed their on-ramp.  Then plow into the Volvo in front of you.  That pretty much does the trick.

Nobody was hurt except for the Tardis, which is pretty much done moving through time and space under its own power.  More details coming as they warrant.


4 Responses to “Friday, January 23rd — Totaled”

  1. Old Guy Says:

    But what about my muffin? Is my muffin okay? Are you going to walk over to my house to give me my muffin?

  2. witness Says:

    oooh no!!! totaled??? I saw the after math but you were already on the phone and there wasn’t a lot of good places to stop…that suxs so bad….we have an extra truck that we have been trying to sell but it doesn’t have snow tires on it 😦 good luck!! stupid ithaca..

  3. Amy Says:

    Glad to hear you’re okay. Is the model of car actually Tardis? Or was that Doctor Who nickname you gave it?

    • Tyler Says:

      No, it was a Toyota Tercel. I nicknamed it the Tardis because it was blue, moved through time and space, and was bigger on the inside.

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