Friday, January 9th — Powermat

January 9, 2009

Today I Learned…

…about a new product coming out this fall — the Powermat.  It’s a pad that will wirelessly charge up to four pieces of electronics — your cell phone, an iPod, a handheld game, even a laptop!  Check it out at that link.  I’ve thought for years that one of the next big revolutions would be wireless power — this isn’t quite the same as having your laptop always wirelessly “plugged in” to power like it can be to wireless internet when it’s in your house, but it’s a step in that direction.


One Response to “Friday, January 9th — Powermat”

  1. dichotomousmind Says:

    I will buy two of these and sleep with my head sandwiched between them. Then I will develop super powers. Or brain cancer.

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