Sunday, January 4th — Milk

January 5, 2009

Today I Learned…

…that Milk, starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk — the first openly homosexual elected official in America — is very and incredibly moving.  Penn’s performance as the political leader is fantastic, and he should be a nominee for Best Actor when the Oscars come up before too long, as should Milk for Best Picture.  Currently, my best picture list consists of this and WALL-E, although I’m sure it will grow once I see films like Revolutionary Road and The Wrestler, whose Mickey Rourke should also contend for the Best Actor prize.

Long story short, go see Milk.  Be prepared to cry if you have any gay relatives/friends who were alive at that time.


2 Responses to “Sunday, January 4th — Milk”

  1. danmihalache Says:

    i can’t believe what you say! sean penn in a homosexual role? i know he’s a great actor, but didn’t expect to do a big performanca as homosexual: he looks and acts so masculine! must see the film!
    dan, iasi, romania.

  2. Shawna S Says:

    Or be prepared to cry if you see a striking resemblance between the hopes dashed then and the hopes dashed now in California. My sister and I bawled. As in, I’m glad I took a box of tissues instead of one of those travel packs. What a fantastic film. I do wish I’d seen it AT the Castro theater, though.

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