Monday, December 1st — NJoy

December 2, 2008

Over My Thanksgiving Hiatus I Learned…

…about Njoy cigarettes.  Found them at the Petro station at the entrance to the Thruway just north of Seneca Falls, NY coming back from Rochester for Thanksgiving.  I’ve been saying for a long time that whoever could come up with a way to make smoking safe, non-habit forming, and not disgusting they would make a billion dollars.  Well, it seems that someone has started along the path.  The only things that kept me from starting to use these on the spot were the high entry price ($249 for the starter pack and 30 cartridges) and the fact that they still contain nicotine — not harmful in and of itself, but it’s a can of worms I don’t really want to open given some addictive tendencies and predilictions.

This might be a big money maker, or it might flop.  I’d be interested to see what comes of this product.


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