Friday, November 14th — Tequila Diamonds

November 15, 2008

Today I Learned…

…that scientists in Mexico have created diamond-like conductive substances from tequila.  You figure, hey, work with what you have, right?

By heating tequila blanco in a low pressure environment, the researchers were able to create thin films with a diamond-esque crystalline structure.  These films are very useful in products which require harsh conditions or high ambient temperatures to work properly for which silicon would not be an option.  These tequila crystals are not the first synthetic diamond films produced, but they are the first from any alcohol (not just spirits, but /any/ chemical alcohol).

Materials science FTW!  And diamond shots for everyone!


One Response to “Friday, November 14th — Tequila Diamonds”

  1. jeffbowers Says:

    Thank god tequila’s not forever! Even still, what a cool idea.

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