SPECIAL — New Blog?

November 4, 2008

I’d like to throw out the idea of a new blog I’ve been banging around to see if any of you out there would be interested in joining me.  Given the appalling anti-intellectualism streak developing in this country, not to mention a growing lack of specifically scientific literacy, I believe that education is more necessary than ever.

That said, I’d like to begin a blog featuring young academics and intellectuals writing about new developments in their particular fields of interest or expertise.  This would take a particular eye towards the future and how these new scientific and research developments will affect our lives as we grow and inherit the world.

If you think that you would read this, please comment!  If you might be interested in writing with me, let me know what you’d be writing on either via comment or email — tyler DOT crosby AT gmail DOT com.


4 Responses to “SPECIAL — New Blog?”

  1. dichotomousmind Says:

    Depends how loosely you’d define “scientific”. I make no claims to being a scientist, but a basic understanding of economics is crucial to maintaining finances, understanding credit, and not voting Republican…

  2. Tyler Says:

    That’s why I said “/specifically/ scientific literacy.” Economists are welcome, but I’d like the blog to be more of a new-developments-cum-news thingie rather than a how-to. For a great how-to on personal finance (when he updates) go to http://capitalcents.blogspot.com.

  3. Lila Says:

    I agree with your diagnosis of the “appalling anti-intellectualism,” but is this going to be an effective way to combat it?

    Also, how much can we write? I’m currently a graduate student in computer science, and the small, focused problems I’m working on are quite removed from anything that will affect our lives. (Or at least, it seems like that right now.)

    Lastly, doesn’t this exist already? I subscribe to several single- and group-authored blogs written by young researchers, intended for an audience with minimal scientific background.

    Despite all my misgivings, I would certainly read your proposed blog, and probably even comment.

  4. Eric Says:

    Would this blog be enlightened enough to value the religious aspect of a progressive world?

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