Friday, September 26th — The McCainarita

September 27, 2008

From Alex, and inspired by the first presidential debate of the season.

Today I Learned…

…how to make a McCainarita:

3 parts rum
3 parts tequila
1 part lemon juice
6 parts apple cider

Mix liquors in a cut crystal goblet with the silver spoon taken from your mouth at birth. Promise to cut both taxes and spending while adding lemon juice and cider. Add ice drilled out of the pristine Alaskan landscape. Tell your guests it’s a margarita, then insist that you never said that.

If Alaskan ice is unavailable, use Russian ice – it’s pretty close.

The McCainarita: It’s a margarita – that lies.

Also… for your enjoyment, the 2008 American League East Division Champion Tampa Bay Rays.


One Response to “Friday, September 26th — The McCainarita”

  1. […] was a particularly impressive concoction. I also don’t mean I invented a drink (such as the McCainarita), though I’m still working on that one for the fellow indistinguishable backup hobbit – […]

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