Sunday, September 21st — Ruloff’s Trivia Wrapup

September 22, 2008

Today I Learned…

…that the Sioux City, Iowa regional airport’s abbreviation is SUX. (We actually got this one.  Thanks Carrie!)

…that the two main ingredients in succotash are corn and lima beans. (Not sufferin’, as I wanted to write down.)

…and that according to the most recent version of the Oxford English Dictionary, the most common noun in the English language is “time.”  (Stephanie had said this one, and we were deciding between it and “home.”  We picked the wrong one.)


One Response to “Sunday, September 21st — Ruloff’s Trivia Wrapup”

  1. Inscrutibob Says:

    I learned a different Korean drinking game during my time hosting visiting executives:
    1. Fill a large glass with beer.
    2. Fill a shot glass with something stronger (scotch, vodka, gin, they didn’t seem to care).
    3. Put two chopsticks on top of the glass, and set the shot glass on the chopsticks.
    4. Using another chopstick (or, in some cases, your necktie), knock the chopsticks away in the hopes that the shot glass will fall neatly into the larger glass.
    5. If all the liquid in the shotglass is now in the big glass, drink it, then sit back and watch the next person try.
    6. If some or all of the liquid in the shotglass spilled, drink the big glass and DO IT AGAIN.

    They called this the Atom Bomb game.

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