Thursday, September 11th — Jedi 101

September 12, 2008

Today I Learned…

…that Queen’s University Belfast will be offering a new course this year centered around the psychology and philosophy of the Jedi Knights in order to foster personal development and teach communication skills.  From Slashdot: “The course ‘Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way’…[also] promises to explore ‘wider issues behind the Star Wars universe, like balance, destiny, dualism, fatherhood and fascism.'”

Add that to the list along with the UF Survivor class of things that I’d love to take and would then be ashamed about.

P.S.: Below is a video of Keith Olbermann’s “special comment” on 9/11(TM).  My condolences go out, as they do every year, to all those affected by the WTC attacks.  Could it really have been seven years ago?


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