Sunday, September 7th — NFL Week 1

September 7, 2008

Today I Learned…

…that the Patriots are going to be without Tom Brady this year after a knee injury (That sound you hear? A combination of screams from Boston and those with the 6th overall pick in fantasy leagues this year and cheers from Bills and Jets fans).

…that those AFC SB contenders you liked besides NE?  Yeah, rough starts (Colts lose to Bears, Jags lose to Titans, Chargers lose to Panthers).

…that Michael Turner is for reals and deserves that starting job in Atlanta  (22 carries, 220 yds, 2 TDs).

…that we’re now looking at an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl! (Yeah right.  Although both the Steelers and Eagles looked damn good.)

…that the Browns (who got killed by the f’ing Cowboys) are going to have a tough time repeating their fantastic season from a year ago.

…that Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick still got it.

…that I might just be jinxed in my most important fantasy league.


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