Saturday, August 30th — Headlight

August 31, 2008

Today I Learned…

…that the passenger-side high beam headlight on my car is out.  Thanks Cayuga Heights policeman at 1:30 in the morning!


As a discussion starter, what was your last run-in with the police like?  And do you think I should buy a scooter to get around instead of my car?


4 Responses to “Saturday, August 30th — Headlight”

  1. T-Fondizzle Says:


    Ithaca is actually the most bike(+moped?)-friendly town in the United States. Take advantage!

  2. T-Fondizzle Says:

    And the last run in I had with the police happened because I fell asleep at the wheel senior year in high school. I ran off the road into a guardrail and busted up my car. I had to go to the police station to give a statement and the fuzz were (was?) trying to convince me to swear that my contact fell out because I wouldn’t get points on my license.

    +5 humanity points for the pigs.

  3. T-Fondizzle Says:

    Also! I might be moving to Clinton (by Utica) for a jorb. Stay tuned for reunion opportunities involving Ithaca microbrews. Comments?

  4. […] to replace a set of headlights.  Loyal readers will remember from a few days previous that my passenger-side high beam was not working.  Well, I went to your local auto parts superstore today and purchased a brand new pair of lamps, […]

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