Thursday, August 14th — Kahlua

August 14, 2008

Today I Learned…

…a recipe for homemade kahlua.

1 quart water
2 1/2 cups sugar
3 tb instant coffee
1 tb vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups vodka

Bring water, sugar, and coffee to a boil in a saucepan.  Simmer /slowly/ for 3 hours.  Mixture will be very dark and syrupy.  Allow to cool, and add vanilla and vodka.  Makes 7 cups.

I haven’t tried this, but I plan to soon.

ALSO: The Olympic gymnastics scoring system is biased against the Americans and in favor of the Chinese.


3 Responses to “Thursday, August 14th — Kahlua”

  1. mike m Says:

    When/how were the gymnasts biased? If you mean difficulty getting more points, I think you should double the points for difficulty. The Chinese, especially men, deserve more points for the insanely difficult stuff.

    Also, I think the broadcasters were being quite mean to the Chinese, claiming bias and completely ignoring the multiple American slips…

  2. Tyler Says:

    The problem was, and the announcers talked about this, Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson getting inexplicably low scores on vault and uneven bars — and Johnson only on the balance beam. They were curious about where some of those deductions were coming from. I think the biggest one was for Liukin’s uneven bars routine, which was damn near flawless according to the announcers, getting almost a full point taken off for execution.

    Certainly difficulty matters, and that’s taken into account. But difficulty only determines the start value — scores are deducted from there.

    Now granted, it ended up being moot in the end with Liukin and Johnson putting together fantastic floor routines and going 1-2, but it was fishy. I think it’s actually more likely that there was some inherent unconscious bias against Johnson and towards Liukin because of their respective upbringings (Johnson being the all-American girl from Des Moines, Liukin being born in Moscow to a father who was a Soviet Olympic champion himself), but I have no evidence of that.

  3. mike m Says:

    Ah yes, I remember the announcers saying it was fishy. Then, a couple hours later, they said exactly why they were deducted– it was legs coming apart, not being straight up at the top for hand-stands, balance checks on the vault, knees bending when not supposed to be, and a questionable move Shawn made on the beam that maybe wasn’t part of her actual difficulty (easier). They said she maybe should be 6.0 not 6.7 or something like that. I also noticed the Chinese were more extreme when it comes to knees not bending, etc. I think there might be some qualitative things we don’t know, because I thought things like “smoothness” might be what was going on. I was actually kinda shocked Shawn got silver…

    And I doubt the background stuff– Nastia was better than Shawn, admit it…

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