Tuesday, August 12th — A-11 Offense & Olympics

August 12, 2008

Today I Learned…

…about a possible revolution happening in football offense.  Piedmont High School in California has begun to implement an offensive scheme which is completely different from any other that the sport has ever seen.  Since the days of Lombardi, football has been won “in the trenches,” meaning with 300-pound offensive lineman banging into other large men.  In the new A-11 offense, devised by head coach Steve Humphries, two quarterbacks play on the field at the same time, with upwards of six receivers.  The offense allows for a great deal of flexibility and confusion, and we’ll see if it begins to catch on more in high schools and colleges.

Check out Michael Weinreb’s article on ESPN.com’s Page 2 for more details.

I Also Learned (Olympic Edition)…

…that on Wednesday, August 13th, Michael Phelps will swim/will have swam 5.16 miles all told between warm ups, warm downs, and actual events.  I’m not sure I’ve swam that far total in my entire life.  And as I’m writing this, he just became the most decorated Olympic champion in history by winning his 10th gold medal, more than any other athlete in history.

…that one of the computers running a projector at the opening ceremonies crashed and threw up a BSOD.  It was captured by some photographers, but was not visible on television.

…and apparently “nothing cutens up a country like a panda” according to NBC’s Mary Carillo.


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