Sunday, August 3rd — Juneau, AK

August 3, 2008

Today I Learned…

…two really cool things about Juneau, Alaska (both from Jeopardy!).

First, the metropolitan area of Juneau is larger than either Rhode Island or Delaware, and is almost as large as the two states combined.

Second, the Juneau area is technically considered a rainforest.  When I heard this, I exclaimed, “wait, don’t rainforests have to be in the tropics?”  But no!  Apparently, a tropical rainforest is just a subcategory of a larger set.  A rainforest just needs to be a forested area which has an average minimum yearly rainfall between 68 and 78 inches (according to Wikipedia).  These can occur anywhere on Earth.  What we normally think of as a rainforest (of café fame) is actually characterized as a tropical rainforest — merely a rainforest which happens to  fall between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

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One Response to “Sunday, August 3rd — Juneau, AK”

  1. Eric Says:

    And, Juneau is the only U.S. capital you cannot reach by car because there are no roads in or out. You can only get in by plane or boat. I chose the latter.

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