Friday, August 1st — Jeopardy!

August 1, 2008

Today I Learned…

…that I’m now in the contestant pool for the 25th and 26th seasons of Jeopardy!  I had my audition today in Washington DC, which was surprisingly low stress.  The worst part about the whole process was getting up at quarter-to-five in the morning to get there on time.

The audition consists first of a fifty-question written test, which is the major hurdle to get into the pool.  This is to weed out anyone who googled their way through the previous online test.  Then the very energetic Maggie warmed us up, explained the buzzers, that kind of thing.  We then got into the mock games, where three people were called up at a time to play for a few minutes.  I was the “returning champion” in my game, which was funny — apparently I was a giant killer, having beaten a very impressive player in my previous imaginary game.  Got to play with the buzzer, got a few answers in.  The interview segment was fine (basically they do a mini-jeopardy interview, nothing serious).  I got a big laugh from the phrase “neural underpinnings.”  They asked me about what I studied!  What was I supposed to say?  Basically the mock game and the interview are to make sure you can make eye contact with people, are telegenic, don’t talk into your shoulder, that kind of thing.  After all the mock games, we were informed that everyone in the audition group had been selected to go into the pool!

So basically, any time in the next 18 months I could get a phone call from Jeopardy! telling me to fly out to Los Angeles to be on the show, which is pretty damn awesome if you ask me.  Being on Jeopardy! is a life goal of mine — if I were a contestant, even if I didn’t win (but especially if I did) I could die a happy man.


3 Responses to “Friday, August 1st — Jeopardy!”

  1. Kevin D. Says:

    Hey Tyler,

    I was at the same audition with you this morning (we spoke about Vassar since you graduated the same year as my daughter). I found this posting after googling “Maggie + Jeopardy audition”.

    I had a great time at the audition, I wish I had one tenth of the energy that Maggie seems to have. They certainly seem to have the process down to a science. I was impressed by the caliber of the other players in our group today, the online testing really raises the bar to get to the audition level. It struck me that the game went by really fast when one was up there playing, imagine what the real show would be like.

    I did the same audition two years ago, but obviously did not get “the call” to appear on the show. Like you, it would be a lifelong goal to appear.

    I think “neural underpinnings” got you some attention, who knows what might appeal to the powers that be. Anyway, good luck, hope to see you on the show sometime.


  2. Seriously, if you go out there, I’m going, too. I’m going to carry a big fucking “TYLER: RAISIN D’ETRE!!!” sign.

  3. Old Guy Says:

    If Tyler gets the call, I say we hire a bus, no, a motor-coach, and pack the damn studio with Tyler groupies. My sign will read: “Tyler! Or death.”

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