Sunday, July 27th — Huge Comet

July 27, 2008

Today I Learned…

…that there’s this giant comet called 17P/Holmes in the solar system that’s bigger than the Sun. The dust atmosphere of the comet measured at 1.4m km last October. All that dust erupted from the comet last October from a ice-rock core only 3.6 km in diameter, and it is now half a million times brighter than it was before.

Read more here.

EDIT: That link now points to the correct page, despite the previous image linked to being funny. Thanks to Ted.


One Response to “Sunday, July 27th — Huge Comet”

  1. mike m Says:

    Yikes, I bet there are more… it would be boring if the solar system were JUST the planets and the sun, don’t you think?

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